Drama Workshops – A success story…

Autism West Midlands LogoThrough Shropshire’s Short Breaks programme, Autism West Midlands provided some Drama Workshops for young people on the autism spectrum.

Emma Hegenbarth, one of the Shropshire Autism Development Coordinators shares a story of how the workshops have benefited one young person:

“Chloe attended Autism West Midlands drama workshops earlier in 2012. As a result she has gone from strength to strength and has joined a local main stream drama group. She was really nervous about trying a new activity and meeting new people but her love of drama spurred her on to give it a whirl. The sessions were provided just for children on the autism spectrum so everyone understood the challenges she was facing and the things she may find difficult. The groups were small which helped her feel more settled and meant she got to know everyone more easily. Meeting other young people on the spectrum was a real breakthrough for Chloe, it helped her realise she isn’t the only one – now she feels less isolated and more positive about the condition. Although the sessions were only short (about an hour) it still made a BIG difference to Chloe and her family – it gave her something to look forward to, the chance to spend time away from her family and develop her skills.
Chloe says that joining in with Short Breaks has helped her become more confident about trying new things, and was the catalyst to her joining a main stream drama group – in the New Year she is hoping to do two sessions every week. This is a fantastic achievement for Chloe; in the future she would like to study drama in more depth and perform in more productions.”

As well as Short Break opportunities Autism West Midlands also provide a variety of other services to families and professionals with autism spectrum concerns.
You can contact the Autism West Midlands Information Helpline on 0303 03 00 111 or take a look on their website for more information.