What is ‘All In’?

The ‘All In’ Short Breaks programme is about providing after-school, weekend and school holiday events and activities for children and young people living in Shropshire with a disability or additional need – for those who have, or would experience difficulty attending mainstream groups, clubs or facilities.

Will my child need an assessment?

Generally an assessment will not be required to access services, but one may be required if your child’s needs are more complex, such that it is necessary to consult with other professionals involved in their care.

How do I register?

To confirm your child is eligible and for them to access the ‘All In’ opportunities, please complete the ‘All In’ registration form. The form asks for the nature of your child’s disability or additional needs and a description of the barriers they may have or would face in accessing mainstream services.

What’s available to access?

The ‘All In’ activity programme is produced 4 times a year providing information about what is available during each particular period of time.
• Spring: March, April & May
• Summer: June, July, & August
• Autumn: September, October & November
• Winter: December, January & February

To view the current edition of the ‘All In’ activity programme please click here.

Further information regarding Shropshire’s Short Breaks can be found here.

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